Who we are ?

“My Child Learns” is a young and innovative publishing house whose main purpose is to fulfil your child’s needs. Our team is made up of new technology specialists and writers specialised in children’s books. They work together to offer educational yet entertaining books.

The founder:

As a technology enthusiast, the founder’s purpose of “My Child Learns” was to build a bridge between new technologies and the child’s world. The pioneering idea behind “My Child Learns” was to create children’s books perfectly adapted to modern life, both in the style and content. Our aim is to be your child’s first contact with the digital world. We also want your child to have access to knowledge that is objective.

The writer:

Colette Seguin, a journalist and editor, is a mum of two young boys aged 6 and 4. She immediately got involved with the project “My Child Learns”. She is using her own experience of reading to her children every night as a source to develop her editorial skills. We choose sentences that she would use with her own children. The various subjects covered reflect the taste of her children. They are the first ones to approve and also her harshest critics.

Teaching Advice

For each subject covered, we use a panel of experts made up of school teachers, psychologists and educators, who all use their knowledge to help our “My Child Learns” books fit the understanding and imagination of the child. We then ask young readers to give their opinion. We select various families to read our books, and to us, their opinion is as important as that of the experts.