Digital book

Digital books are a fun way for your child to discover new technologies. They develop their initiative and mental agility. For parents, digital books are easy, cheaper to buy, and suit a modern lifestyle perfectly.

What is it?

A digital book is, in other words, a virtual book. Instead of turning paper pages, the child simply slides his fingers across the screen to move onto the next page. The shape of a tablet makes it easier for a child to develop their creative side and become independent. “My Child Learns” books are innovative and fun to use, which is ideal to develop their mind.

How to use a digital book?

Digital books are downloaded and stored on your tablets (Ipad, Galaxy Tab, Android), e-book readers (Kindle – colour version), or smartphones (Android, Apple iOS). These mobile devices can be taken anywhere and everywhere: in the car, on the train, in the park, stadium, swimming pool… The amount of books you take is no longer a problem – they are all stored on the device and you no longer need to worry about the weight!

Several devices are available. The best devices to read a digital book on are obviously tablets, e-book readers or smartphones. However, you can still use a normal computer, but you won’t be able to use the touch screen option.

The advantages:

Whether you live in the town or in the country, buying a digital book is very simple. You connect to the Internet and the download takes a few seconds. You can do it any time of the day when convenient to you.

Our packages are automatically downloaded to the device, so every month your child can enjoy their subscription. The digital books are stored on your device indefinitely, so even if it is lost or damaged, the digital books will remain in the e-library.

Our digital books are cheaper than standard paper books. For the same amount, you can treat your child to more books. Our choice to offer our books in a digital format doesn’t in any way affect the quality of the content.