Our mission:

The purpose of “My Child Learns” publications is to help your child with their education in a fun way – prompting them to use their creative mind and develop their curiosity. The “My Child Learns” digital books guide your children through their discovery of the world. Through their reading, their knowledge is extended, their imagination develops and they become more autonomous. In essence, they grow up.

A varied choice:

Picture Books:

Picture Book 3-6

Picture Book 3-6

The picture books, based on a specific theme, help children aged 3 to 6 discover the world. Over 25 pages, your child discovers nature, the animal kingdom, great civilisations or great inventions. Page after page, a picture and a short explanatory text give your child basic information to help their memory. Reading this book enables you and your child to share a special moment.


Mini-encyclopaedia 7-9

Mini-encyclopaedia 7-9

The mini-encyclopaedias are aimed at 7 to 9 year olds. They are educational books with the purpose of satisfying their curiosity and their desire to understand. Various themes are covered: the animal kingdom, the world of plants, past and new civilisations and great human inventions. Over 25 pages, the text and pictures will answer your child’s main questions. Their curiosity and thirst to learn are fulfilled. Also, the cursive writing used for the text makes it easier for your child to read stories.


Stories 3-9

Stories 3-9 years

Stories are similar to tales. They will transport your child into a universe full of fantasy where they will meet imaginary characters. The original story will open their eyes to a world of poetry. Throughout the adventures, your child is gripped by the adventures of his hero. Your child learns and discovers universal values – they will share the emotions felt by the character and develop their imagination.

Multi-lingual picture Books:

Multi-lingual picture Book 7-9

Multi-lingual picture Book 7-9

The multi-lingual picture books aim to teach your child a foreign language. As per the picture books, each page covers a story about the animal kingdom, the world of plants or simply daily life and includes a translation next to it. 25 different languages are available as well as three regional languages (Catalan, Occitan and Breton). These books don’t just act as dictionaries – they are also an opening to the world for your child.

The App:

The app (Android, Apple) is designed for children with the aim to widen their knowledge through games. These games, which appeal to their hearing, their sight and their ability to memorise, enable your child to strengthen their skills. Depending on their chosen themes, they learn to use the different features of the digital tablet. The main point of the “My Child Learns” app is to provide educational games that children can play on their own. Each month an update enables your child to discover a new theme.

The magazine:

The magazine “The Mag” will encourage your child towards self-reflection. From the first articles, your child can read all about major world events that have happened over the actual month. Page after page, we give your child new ideas for fun and creative activities. They are given advice on how to grow up and help round the house. The aim is to help your child happily become more independent while being guided. With its universal human values, The Mag helps your child become a true adult.

Who is it for?

The publication “My Child Learns” caters for 2 age groups: The age group 3 to 6 years old is the equivalent of nursery school and the age group 7 to 9 is the equivalent of primary school.

Age 3 to 6:

The purpose of the books “My Child Learns” is to help the child and the family bond through reading. These special moments are experienced while discovering the world. At that age, a child has a lot of questions and looking at pictures with a small explanatory text meets their expectations. Your child’s attention span will grow together with their level of concentration. The outside world becomes part of their universe.

Age 7 to 9:

For this age group, the purpose of the books “My Child Learns” is to develop their sense of initiative and to become more independent, principally when they read. The articles are written in an editorial style adapted to their age and the books are adapted to their reading level. The wide variety of subjects is in line with children’s points of interest and increases their curiosity which, in turn, encourages learning.


Learning to understand the world around us, to grow up, to open up to others…”My Child Learns” books provide a wide range of knowledge-based digital books.

For this purpose, the young readers of “My Child Learns” can choose from different formats:

Picture books

  • Mini encyclopaedias
  • Stories
  • An App
  • Magazine

They all cover the same subjects but they follow a different educational approach, which makes it more entertaining and interesting. Your child can choose the package that will best suit their age, personality and lifestyle.

Educational fun will make learning even easier. The app plays that role by offering various options: a sound quiz, word games… Learning becomes a game. Each stage increases your child’s knowledge.

Reasoning, independence and world awareness are major assets in the world we now live in. Our books “My Child Learns” safeguard the objectivity of the information published. We operate a very strict control so that parents can feel comfortable with the material their child is reading.

The download option makes it possible to read “My Child Learns” anytime, anywhere. As you don’t need an internet connection or 3G card, your child can read, play with the app after school, in the park, at the sports ground, swimming pool, in the car, on the train, at his friends’ and of course at home, as if it were a paper book.